Funerals....what are they really?

Funerals, whilst they are sad and sometimes difficult events, they are also very significant rituals. A funeral can be a great comfort to the bereaved. When carefully and gently planned, they can give everyone involved an opportunity to say goodbye in a personal and memorable way. This is usually why people choose to have a civil celebrant conduct a funeral service for them; each ceremony is unique and personalised and you have control over all the content. Funerals do not have to be just about sadness and grief, but are also a way of expressing our love for the deceased and of acknowledging and celebrating their contribution to life, to us and to others. In this way a funeral is a real tribute. Funerals can include religious or spiritual elements, poetry, readings, music, humour and ritual. As a funeral celebrant, I can help and support you in putting together the content of the funeral ceremony or support you in writing the eulogy. I can also write and deliver the eulogy on your behalf, if that is what you prefer. I can supply you with samples of ceremonies, poetry, music and verses, however you are not obliged to use any of them. The idea is to design the funeral ceremony according to your needs and requirements.

Options for funeral ceremonies

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My father's funeral
 I decided to become a civil celebrant when my father passed away. The funeral celebrant who worked with my family at that time was a real inspiration. With his support I was able to confidently give a eulogy, but knowing that if it got too hard, he was in the background ready to take over with the script for me. This was incredibly reassuring. People commented on my eulogy – saying that it was beautiful, honest and moving, and it was after that that I thought – Wow! Maybe I could be a great celebrant too. And so, I completed my training, became a civil celebrant and started Ritual Design.


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