Other Ceremonies

Baby Naming

A naming ceremony is a very personal and meaningful eventt. It celebrates the birth or adoption of your child and is a way of formally welcoming the child into the family and the community and of sharing your joy, pride and commitment as parents. It acknowledges other adults who may be important in the life of the child. These can be family, friends, grandparents and siblings.

You may wish to include religious content in your ceremony, or you may prefer it to be secular. You may also include content from more than one religious or cultural background. As a civil celebrant, I can provide you with ideas for readings, content and rituals. I will get to know you and your values and work with you to ensure that your ceremony is personal, authentic and sensitive, and that you are have control over the content and presentation on the day. I will also prepare certificates for the day, as well as a keepsake copy of the ceremony.
Whilst the naming ceremony does not have legal status and the appointments of guardians or godparents is also not legal or binding, a naming ceremony does, however, perform a very important social function and can strengthen family bonds.

Renewal of Vows

Renewing your vows is a delightful way to reaffirm your commitment to your husband, wife or partner. The ceremony is similar in format to that of a wedding but is usually less formal and is focused on celebrating the success of the relationship. 

A renewal of vows ceremony gives you the opportunity to express your continuing commitment to each other in as simple or elaborate a ceremony as you wish. Your ceremony can be a small, intimate family celebration held in your own home, a ceremony held in a place that has special meaning for you, or a larger gathering in a wedding venue, park, or restaurant. It can have a theme, include particular cultural elements, or just be a true expression of your love and feelings for each other. At Ritual Design, I can provide you with ideas and samples but you can have as much input into the content of the ceremony as you wish.

Ceremonies for Pets

Pet Naming Ceremony
Pets can be such valued companions. Getting a new pet, bringing it home, training and getting to know it, giving it a new name, is always exciting. A great way to welcome it into the family is to have a small party or gathering, where a naming ceremony for your pet is the highlight.

Pet Funeral/Memorial Ceremony
When a pet passes away, it can be a shattering experience and many people find themselves filled with grief and left with a huge void in their lives. It is becoming increasingly popular for pets to be cremated, with their owners scattering their ashes at their place of choice. A simple ceremony often provides not only a fitting tribute but also some closure, giving the person the ability to move forward.


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