Make it your own

It is important that your wedding is just the way you want it to be and that you both have the chance to write the words, choose the readings, poetry, rituals and music for the ceremony that will delight you and your guests on the day. As a Civil Marriage Celebrant at Ritual Design, my goal is to work with you to ensure that the content is exactly that. Ceremonies can be formal, or relaxed and informal but what's important is that they are sincere and reflect your personalities and true sentiments. We will have the opportunity to meet and talk about what is important to you. This gives me the chance to get to know you and to get a fell for your tastes and what would suit you best.
I can supply you with samples of ceremonies and verses, however you are not obliged to use any of them. You will be able to develop and change the content until you have produced the right ceremony for you. You may wish to compose the complete ceremony yourself, and this is acceptable providing it complies with the Marriage Act and includes the necessary legal wording that cannot be altered. 

Multicultural....multi-faith....spiritual....or not?

Many couples wish to have some form of ritual or symbolic gesture within their ceremony. Not all couples have the same religious and cultural backgrounds. In these circumstances couples often call on a Civl Marriage Celebrant to provide a neutral alternative, and cultural elements can be built into the ceremony according to your wishes. Family and friends can also be involved in your ceremony. It may well be that you have certain readings or verses that you would like them to read for you.

Important things to remember:


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